Wednesday, December 28, 2005

German Engineering

Most information supplied to the Folding Society comes from English-speaking folding bike manufacturers. Germany is well-known for excellent engineering and we have a couple of links for interesting folding bikes from that part of the world.

Aiolus produces an intriguing compact folding recumbent tricycle and one of the few compact folding tandems.

Bernds is another manufacturer of folding solos and tandems.

Utopia Velo is mostly known for high-end, low maintenance 'sit up and beg' bikes but also produce a folding bicycle.

riese and muller produce the Birdy and the Frog, manufactured in the Far East. There are a few pictures floating about on the web of a Birdy tandem, which is unlikely to ever reach production.

As we've mentioned previously, there are many types of folding bikes that never make their way to Europe or the US. Here are some variations on the theme of Birdy (or BD1, as they are known in Japan, built by Pacific Cycles), Louis Garneau a Canadian company (note: requires Japanese characters) and various Birdys (note: requires Japanese characters), ranging from a child's version to a titanium one.