Saturday, December 10, 2005

Xmas Origami Ride 2005

The December Origami Ride attracted a good turn out of riders on a fine, dry day. Not only were we spared rain or snow, but it was actually reasonably warm too. As usual the Bromptons were the most numerous machines, with 7 examples, including Steve Parry's very light titanium-forked single-speed model, which he plans to lighten even more! The other machines included three Moultons, two Birdys, two Dahons, an SP and a Raleigh Randonneur. The 16 riders were joined at lunch time by Jayne Grogan. We had an excellent lunch at The Engine in Hampton in Arden before most riders returned to Meriden for the journey home. Many thanks to all who came to the event, and have supported the rides during the year, and especially to Trevor and Irene Batchelor who organised the December ride.

Above: Some of the group entered into the festive spirit by dressing appropriately, and Phil Wray's Brompton was festooned with Christmas lights as well! Our route to the lunch stop took us past the windmill near Balsall Common [Photograph - Trevor Batchelor]
Below: A slight diversion was necessary due to a flooded track - it may not show in the photo, but a horse and rider abandoned the attempt to get through when the horse was knee-deep in the water! Paul Evans enjoying the lunch [Photograph - Trevor Batchelor].

[Photograph, Flood Mike Hessey][Photograph of Santa's Elf, by Trevor Batchelor]

An Origami report can never close with out an end comment. There is always one person we can trust and rely on to keep the riders together which is due to his dedication for caring for other riders. Our thanks go to Mike Hessey for his sweeping skills and constant care for the members.