Saturday, January 21, 2006


I'm just back from a visit to Inspired Cycle Engineering (ICE) in Falmouth, where I tested their 2006 QNT recumbent tricycle. Recumbents, and especially trikes, are never going to be ideal for a daily train-assisted commute, and ICE make absolutely no claims to be aiming to do this. However, compact storage and portability in a small car are important to many enthusiasts, and foldability/separation and rear susupension as standard are the key features of the ICE 2006 standard range.

Recumbents are not for everyone (especially given that in the UK cyclists are painfully conservative). The brief test on Friday (20th January 2006), proved that the new rear suspension, which is standard on the budget trikes which ICE produce, is VERY comfortable, and that, with the new folding/separable design, you can fit one AND a folded Brompton into the back of a Smart car (just about the smallest car available) without folding the passenger seat. There is a video (I think ICE plan to put it on their web site) to prove this!

I don't make any claims to expertise in the subject of recumbents (read a lot, but very little riding), but I REALLY enjoyed riding the Trice QNT.

A more detailed report will be available in the next 2 or 3 days - watch this space!

Below: The folded and separated Trice QNT fits in the back of a Smart Fortwo with the passenger seat still upright, and room for a Brompton as well!