Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Recumbent folders - 'BentRider Online tests the new Sat-R-Day

'BentRider On line ( now has a test report on the 2006 Bike Friday Sat-R-Day recumbent folder. They seem generally impressed - take a look at their report for full details. The next issue of VeloVision, due out in the next few days, will contain a report on the Inspired Cycle Engineering Trice QNT recumbent folder - this should be a longer test than the one we carried out in January.
We would like to have more news of folding recumbents - several members own, or have owned, the earlier version of the SatRDay, but we've not heard much from them, and a report on the folding Greenspeed recumbents would be most welcome. We expect to be able to report further on the Trice QNT Real Soon Now.