Sunday, April 09, 2006

Inaugural ride on the new National Cycle Network Route 23 on 22 April

To coincide with the launch of the NCN 23 route south from Basingstoke, a ride will will take place from Eastrop Park in Basingstoke centre on Saturday 22 April. Meet at 10.00 for official launch at about 10.30. Eastrop Park is just south east of Basingstoke Station. Moulton, Dahon, Brompton and other folder fans, or big wheel riders, are welcome to join in and attend the launch, then pedal part or all of the route.
As it is fairly long at about 30 miles round trip [!!Ed], riders may want to just cover part of it before returning to Basingstoke. There are some steep hills on parts of the route, so a bike with low gearing is best suited for the route, which is mainly on rural narrow quiet lanes once clear of Basingstoke and passing under M3. The route will pass through the small villages of Cliddesden, Ellisfield, Lower Wield and Medstead before turning west towards Bighton for lunch; there will be normal stops en route.
A return may be made via part of the Ox Drove Off Road Cycle Trail if conditions are suitable. Alternately, if people do not want to be out so long, they could travel just part of the route and return themselves to Basingstoke - as the route is waymarked, there is little likelihhod of getting lost.
Contact Eric Reed by email at if proposing to join in.
The NCN 23 route can be traced on the Sustrans cycle maps at web pages if Basingstoke is entered in location box.