Sunday, April 30, 2006

Spring cycling - or summer already?

Spring has well and truely sprung here in the UK - in fact the spring flowers (daffodils and hyacynths in the picture below) are in many cases either past their prime, or completlely finished. On the 69Km ride on 27th April during which the picture was taken, several swifts were seen, which I suppose might be taken to mean that summer has arrived. Actually, riding is quite tricky at present in terms of clothing - winds are quite chilly, and although in sheltered, sunny, parts you get hot, descents into the wind are quite cold.

Oh - and more news on the pictured Trice QNT within the next 6 weeks: suffice it to say for the present that it is great fun, every bit as good as the January test suggested. It's been in the Smart twice (about 10 minutes to fold or unfold), though the fact that it cannot be taken on a train is a drawback. My longest ride so far is just over 70Km, but I hope to use it for one of the 100Km Brevet Populaires in about a month's time.