Wednesday, May 31, 2006

American Articles

Not really news as such but here are articles about two types of folding bikes rarely seen in Britain, Swift and Monatague (apart from the Rudge-badged Montagues from several years ago).

Monday, May 29, 2006

Macride 10th September 2006

No, this is nothing to do with Apple computers! This is a charity event on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support at Stratford-upon-Avon - all the details are at (and both routes said to be ideal for folders). If you are not going to the Moulton Bicycle Club Weekend (with which I believe the date clashes) might like to support this event instead.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

New Event York Ride 24th June 2006

June 24th - York. Meet at York Railway station. (Station Road, York Y01 7HB)
This is an addition to our 2006 programme. A ride from York has been planned to coincide with the CTC York rally. Several members will be staying in York for the weekend to enjoy the many events.
The Origami ride will start from York Railway Station at 10.30. There will be a short ride to York Racecourse to meet up with other riders from the CTC rally at 11.00am, and then on to Selby using the NCN route. The “Solar System” can be seen along the route – Lunch at “Pluto” Approximate ride length 25 easy miles.

More information to follow. Please register your interest on the link on the right "Forthcoming Events"

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Amazing Race Folds

Amazing Race is one of those reality TV/ competition shows that currently clog the airwaves. This one involves several teams of two competing to collect 'clues', while on a trip around the world. Apparently folding bikes have a part to play in one section, mentioned here (Note: significant number of pop-ups).

PS by Steve: Mark Sanders, the designer of the Strida, confirms that Strida 3s were used by the winning team in a crucial stage of the race!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pashley on 4 you

BikeBiz notes that Pashley (makers of the Pashley Moulton, Fold-It and formerly the Micro) will be profiled on Radio 4 Wednesday lunchtime.

Monday, May 22, 2006

BHF 100Km Ellesmere Ride

The ride on Sunday 21st was VERY wet - I don't think it stopped raining at any time during the ride, though at least the rain was not as heavy as it became later in the afternoon. The wet weather provided anothe opportunity to use the Rainlegs, which acquitted themselves very well, and are also quite comfortable to wear. I put mine on at the start of the ride, but did not roll them down into position for the first half hour, at which point the rain became heavy enough to justify deploying them. The rain did slacken enough at one point to think about rolling them up again, but as they are quite comfortable I did not bother, and anyway the rain soon increased again. On the basis of my experience so far, I'd certainly recommend the - see The route was remarkably flat, and was signposted at almost every road junction! Folders and small wheelers were not well represented though - I only saw one, a Bike Friday Tandem Twosday. Don't forget that there will be other BHF Lifecycle rides around the country in June (see news item below).

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Brompton Top Gear Favourite

In a recent report reviewing links between the manufacturers of cars and bikes James May, of Top Gear fame, gave his vote to the Brompton. More

Saturday, May 20, 2006

CTC Scotland Puzzle

Look at page one of the CTC Scotland Cycle Talk for their puzzle question. We do not believe folding members will have any problems with the solution. Look Here.

Monday, May 15, 2006

BHF Ride on 11th June

Eric Reed tells us:
"Folding Society followers might be interested to learn that I am doing an event for the British Heart Foundation, and I'm looking for other riders to join in and sponsors. I have a page at where people can sponsor me, if they wish. If anyone else wants to join in as well, it is on Sunday 11 June, I intend starting from Fareham at 09.30. People can start in Portsmouth. I have set up a team name of "Sustraners " for those people like me also interested in Sustrans who want to take part.

If you fancy joining in the ride yourselves and raising funds, the adult entry fee is £6.00, it can all be done securely on line. To register go to This is a medical charity that I have an interest in as my father died early at the age of 59 of heart disease when I was just 16 , way back in 1973. The more the merrier and it would be nice to have a good group of us going around. I will not be rushing - I will be on a small wheel bike and want it to be an enjoyable day for everyone - be you on a folder, Moulton or whatever.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please pass on to anyone else who may be interested in taking part. There are other BHF Lifecycle rides taking place in June around the country, look at the website for more information."

Actually there are other BHF events as well, not only in June. I'm supposed to be doing the 100Km Brevet Populaire at Ellesmere on Sunday 21st May (there are other shorter rides at the same place, same date) - though route details etc have still not arrived!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

National Cycle Route 23 launched

John Buckley of Hampshire Cycle Training writes:
"Folders and small wheelers took centre stage at the launch of National Cycle Network Route 23 [on 22nd April - Ed], from Basingstoke to Alton/Alresford. Around 60 riders were set off by the Mayor of Basingstoke. Amongst the small wheelers there were several standard Bromptons, Moulton APBs, Dahon Speed D7s, a Bike Friday Pocket Rocket, a Brompton SP and an Airnimal Rhino. A more detailed report and pictures of the event can be found at [plenty of pictures of folders in this report - Ed]."

All quiet on the technology front

If there does not seem to have been much news here recently, it's simply that there hasen't been much to report lately. But it's not just development of folders that seems to be lacking in action at present - if you look at other fields, there isn't much being reported there either (eg digital cameras). A period of consolidation is not necessarily a bad thing though - there is less temptation to spend money!

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Folding Bikes to Jersey

Last year, some Folding Society members spent a long weekend in Jersey (story by Rosemary Hadland here). Unfortunately some of us got charged extra by Flybe for bringing our folding bikes, despite being bagged and within our baggage limit. According to the BBC, Atlantic Express will not have such an unfriendly policy in the near future.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Round-Up USA: 9-11 June

A small wheel + folder bike fest, organised by Trophy Bikes, 3131 Walnut St. Phila. PA 19104. 215.222.2020, The Round-Up is free to folder fans. All events start/finish at Trophy Bikes unless noted.

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Dahon Cadenza

We have added a test report by David Farr on the Dahon Cadenza - a 26 inch-wheeled folder. You can access it via this link, or in the usual way from the test reports page or Dahon SIG page.

"Japan on a Folding Bike"

Brian Laffoley has brought to our attention an article on the web about a visit to Japan which Rob Ainsley made with a Bromtpon. I think I've seen the article before, some while back, but for those to whom it may be new, it can be read at

Stolen Brompton

Brompton, 1 year old, red L3 with London Cycle network green sticker plus extra reflective stickers on the frame and rear mudguard. Light fixtures on front and rear but lights were not on at the time it was stolen. Seat slightly damaged/worn. Frame number 0501034012. Also alpha-dot security marked via Cycle Surgery. Stolen on Thursday 4/5/06 from the Clerkenwell/Angel area in broad daylight. Am particularly devastated since I have insurance but they won't pay up when first claim is for theft. Call 020 7040 8519 or email if you see it or have information. [07/05/2006]

Saturday, May 06, 2006

May Origami ride

Details for the May 13th Origami ride in Birmingham are here.