Monday, May 22, 2006

BHF 100Km Ellesmere Ride

The ride on Sunday 21st was VERY wet - I don't think it stopped raining at any time during the ride, though at least the rain was not as heavy as it became later in the afternoon. The wet weather provided anothe opportunity to use the Rainlegs, which acquitted themselves very well, and are also quite comfortable to wear. I put mine on at the start of the ride, but did not roll them down into position for the first half hour, at which point the rain became heavy enough to justify deploying them. The rain did slacken enough at one point to think about rolling them up again, but as they are quite comfortable I did not bother, and anyway the rain soon increased again. On the basis of my experience so far, I'd certainly recommend the - see The route was remarkably flat, and was signposted at almost every road junction! Folders and small wheelers were not well represented though - I only saw one, a Bike Friday Tandem Twosday. Don't forget that there will be other BHF Lifecycle rides around the country in June (see news item below).