Monday, May 15, 2006

BHF Ride on 11th June

Eric Reed tells us:
"Folding Society followers might be interested to learn that I am doing an event for the British Heart Foundation, and I'm looking for other riders to join in and sponsors. I have a page at where people can sponsor me, if they wish. If anyone else wants to join in as well, it is on Sunday 11 June, I intend starting from Fareham at 09.30. People can start in Portsmouth. I have set up a team name of "Sustraners " for those people like me also interested in Sustrans who want to take part.

If you fancy joining in the ride yourselves and raising funds, the adult entry fee is £6.00, it can all be done securely on line. To register go to This is a medical charity that I have an interest in as my father died early at the age of 59 of heart disease when I was just 16 , way back in 1973. The more the merrier and it would be nice to have a good group of us going around. I will not be rushing - I will be on a small wheel bike and want it to be an enjoyable day for everyone - be you on a folder, Moulton or whatever.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please pass on to anyone else who may be interested in taking part. There are other BHF Lifecycle rides taking place in June around the country, look at the website for more information."

Actually there are other BHF events as well, not only in June. I'm supposed to be doing the 100Km Brevet Populaire at Ellesmere on Sunday 21st May (there are other shorter rides at the same place, same date) - though route details etc have still not arrived!