Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cheswick Green 100Km on a folder

In 2005 Susan Barlow, Dave Minter, Tony Hadland, Paul Evans and Dick Hanson formed a 'folder team' and took part in a 100Km Brevet Populaire from Cheswick Green. The organisation of the event was superb, and we all enjoyed it immensely. Sadly (for the UK) Susan and Dave have returned to Australia, but I took part in the corresponding ride this year. The event is very popular, and had been extended this year to provide TWO rides of 100Km (some entries had to be rejected last year as it was over subscribed), plus longer rides as well. Despite the large number of people at the event, almost everyone was riding a conventional diamond framed bike - I only saw one small wheeler, one folder, one recumbent and one tricycle, and I was riding it! There were several conventional tandems though. The Trice QNT performed very well on this ride, the first time I've used it for a Brevet Populaire, and it went into the Smart reasonably easily (wish the Smart had performed as well - the battery was almost dead when I got back from the ride, and the engine only just started). This ride brought the distance on the QNT up to 750Km, and I will be producing a detailed report on it in the next couple of weeks, including more details of the Cheswick Green ride.