Saturday, July 22, 2006

Cyclefeast 2006

Cyclefeast 2006 was a great success - numbers were a bit down on the inaugural event in 2005, but as well as the old familiar faces, there were some very welcome new ones this year. It was HOT weather, so personally I modified my cycling accordingly (ie shorter rides) - but I'm glad I was there, as having returned home I find the heat much more unbearable (there was some light breeze at times as we were further north and nearer the coast).

There were lots of recumbents, folders (and folding recumbents!), and conventional bikes there (one conventional tandem, but no upright trikes). The most common make was the ICE Trice recumbent trike, with Bromptons well represented (and some Brompton owners who had not brought their Bromptons?!), and a good number of Moultons. We will post a link to a photo/report site soon.