Sunday, August 27, 2006

AMAZING Brompton Conversion!

Wow! I won't try to describe this one, but you MUST visit this site to see pictures and the video!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Another Pacific folding bike

Pacific Cycles manufactures quite a few folding bikes for other companies, including Birdy and Airnimal. One rarely seen bike is the Reach, although the same machine is sold in the Orient under several different names including Bianchi, Tartaruga (also does folding recumbent bikes) and Louis Garneau (Note: Japanese characters in most of these links). There is some speculation that the Reach may become more available in the West in the future.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Suits Race Bromptons

Another link via Velorution shows pictures of a group of "suited" riders racing Bromptons. Source via

Thursday, August 24, 2006

James May owns a Brompton

James May, Top Gear presenter and Brompton owner, offers his comments on cycling in the James looks at the interaction between the car maker dabbling in bikes. Quote "Incidentally, Brompton has never made a car. But a part of me wishes it would"

Brompton Pod Cast

The following link was found on the Velorution website It shows a "different" paint job on a Brompton Frame. There is a LINK to a Bike Show 2006 MP3 download of a trip round the Brompton factory.

The Strida Bike Design

Mark Sanders talks about how he designed the Strida. 12min Video

Swivel Head Large Wheel Video

Here is an interesting folder demonstration film - "A day in the life of a Swival Head Folder". For more information about the bike have a LOOK at the MING CYCLE web site. No more carrying your folder, just roll it along. There is also a tab linking to Strida Bikes where you can change the colour of the Strida at the click of a button. There is even Pink!!

Folding Footballers

Long-time cycling, Moulton and folder enthusiast Graham McDermott reports:
"Further to your report that Premiership club Fulham's German defender, Moritz Volz, owns a folding bike. I can confirm that he actually arrived to play in last night's home game against Bolton riding his folder. It was badged "Trek", but looked very much like a Dahon Groove."
Dahon design, and in some cases manufacture, folders for other companies. Good to hear that high profile people are using folders as as serious means of transport (given my own age, I feel compelled to remind readers that some VIPs used Moultons as a serious means of transport back in the 1960's - Lord Hailsham being an obvious example).

Monday, August 21, 2006

First Dutch Origami Ride

"On Sunday 3rd September 2006 there will be an Origami Ride in the area where in September 1944 British and Polish soldiers tried to liberate the Netherlands in the operation Market Garden, in and near Arnhem. The ride will begin at 11.00 am at the Railway Station of Wolfheze and will also end there at 17.00 pm. The station shop will be open for us for coffee and tea etc.

Wolfheze is part of the municipality of Renkum, that also contains the better known village of Oosterbeek. The ride will go through the woods and heath of the Veluwe, and will follow different brooks in this beautiful glacial area. We will also visit the heath of Ginkel where the paras landed in 1944. Despite the historical context it still is relaxed ride through an interesting natural landscape. The tour distance is approximately 50 kms (30 miles). We will have picnic, so take some food and beverages with you.

Most participants will be Dutch. We would especially like to welcome British folding fans. The event is organised by Jan Berkelder; Telephone 0031 6 25296924."

Another folding recumbent tricycle

HP Velotechnik have announced a new model in their recumbent range - the Scorpion fx folding recumbent trike, to compete in this market with the ICE Trice models and those from Greenspeed. The new model will be available in January, and the price is quoted as 2695 Euros. More details can be found on the VeloVision web site at Interestingly the folded size is described as fitting in the boot of a Smart - a 'standard' we established in January 2006 by fitting a Trice QNT into this space (AND there was still room for a Brompton as well!).

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Moulton E2E

Here is Simon Berry's story of a recent End to End (Lands End to John O'Groats) on a Pashley Moulton TSR30.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Taiwanese Birdy Day Photos

There was a Birdy get-together recently in Taiwan. Here is a photo gallery depicting a wide variety of owners' bikes with various modifications (coil spring rear suspension, carbon wheels, custom paint, etc), together with an interesting selection of other types of folding bikes.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Dorchester Cycles Folding & Electric Bike Demo Day

Dorchester Cycles are holding their second Folding and Electric Bike Demo Day on September 10th, from 10am till 4pm.
There will be a led ride from the shop (start at approx 11am), lunchtime BBQ, demo bikes from Brompton, Dahon and Giant. Manufacturers representatives and A to B Magazine (David and Jane) will be there. Plus extra special offers for that day only! Dorchester Cycles are at Great Western Road, Dorchester, Tel: 01305 268787.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

South Hampshire Ride - 24th September

Eric Reed reports:
"I will lead a ride of 25 to 30 miles from Hedge End station again around the pleasant lanes of south Hampshire on Sunday 24 September. Meet at the station car park, which is free on Sundays, at 10:00 for 10:30 departure. Suitable for Bromptons, Dahons, Moultons or anything else; there will be a few ups and downs, but nothing too strenuous. There will be stops for coffee and pub lunch, maybe afternoon tea as well, depending on how time goes. Aim to get back by about 5pm. Please pass on to whoever may be interested. If intending to travel by train to Hedge End station, make sure you check the train times. If arriving by road, Hedge End Station is just to the north east of Southampton, easily accessed about 2 miles from M27 junction 7. Any queries contact Please advise if possible if thinking of going, so that I have an idea of how many might turn up."

Monday, August 07, 2006

August 12th Origami ride - Meriden

Details for the August Origami ride are here. Gentle pace, all are welcome.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Cycling Canucks

The Burnaby Newsleader in Canada has a piece about folding bikes here, complete with some early cycle history and an Arlo Guthrie-style theme song! (Note: no audio)

On the other side of 'the pond', the Sunday Times refers to a design classic

Friday, August 04, 2006

Mac Ride Reminder

Quoting an email from Rob Gullen:

"It's that time again ..... here in Stratford-upon-Avon we are running the MacRide on Sunday 10 September - a 25 or 50 mile cycle ride around quiet lanes in South Warwickshire.

MacRide is in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support in Warwickshire ... and unlike many charity events over 95% of all of the money raised goes to the charity (that's entry fees and sponsorship/donations) - and will all be spent locally.

We have two new routes this year, the 25 is suitable for everyone on any sort of bike - the 50 is a little more challenging (but both routes have some short-cut options!) Riders will all have a detailed, easy to follow route sheet and there will be signage all round the routes ..... and some excellent refreshment stops.

Last year, the first MacRide raised over £10,000 for Macmillan - please help us to beat that this year, AND have a great day out too.

Do put the date in your diary and get your entry in - Stratford is a great area to cycle.

All the details are at together with entry forms to download .... any more questions then just e-mail me at

Look forward to seeing you, and helping us to raise loads of money for an excellent cause - why not get a team together with friends, family or work colleagues?
And finally . . . . . if you can help to promote the MacRide that would be really great (there is a poster to download at the website) or e-mail and we can supply printed leaflets.
Thank you


Forthcoming exhibition at Sleaford - 'Fold'

The Hub at Sleaford, the National Centre for Craft & Design, will be hosting an exhibition which may be relevant to those interested in all matters folding. From the 8th September 2006 to the 29th October 2006 they are showing 'Fold' in their main gallery, "an exhibition exploring the practical and aesthetic uses of folding in craft, design and manufacture". The Hub's web page is at

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Cyclefeast 2006 pictures

Our photo report on the recent, very successful, Cyclefeast 2006 event in Northumberland has finally got onto the web pages - you can see it here. Another Trice rider who attended the event was Luke Hayes, who rode all the way to and from the event from Mansield, and he has pictures of the event and his journey at

Another RoundUp Mention

The Evening Bulletin has an article here about the upcoming RoundUp weekend in Philadelphia.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


It seems that a Mr Volz, formerly of Germany, now resides near Fulham and occupies his time playing soccer or football (depending where in the world you are). His website also mentions that he enjoys riding folding bikes but doesn't note what type. Enjoy.