Monday, August 21, 2006

First Dutch Origami Ride

"On Sunday 3rd September 2006 there will be an Origami Ride in the area where in September 1944 British and Polish soldiers tried to liberate the Netherlands in the operation Market Garden, in and near Arnhem. The ride will begin at 11.00 am at the Railway Station of Wolfheze and will also end there at 17.00 pm. The station shop will be open for us for coffee and tea etc.

Wolfheze is part of the municipality of Renkum, that also contains the better known village of Oosterbeek. The ride will go through the woods and heath of the Veluwe, and will follow different brooks in this beautiful glacial area. We will also visit the heath of Ginkel where the paras landed in 1944. Despite the historical context it still is relaxed ride through an interesting natural landscape. The tour distance is approximately 50 kms (30 miles). We will have picnic, so take some food and beverages with you.

Most participants will be Dutch. We would especially like to welcome British folding fans. The event is organised by Jan Berkelder; Telephone 0031 6 25296924."