Monday, September 11, 2006

Stratford upon Avon Mac Ride 2006

4 Trices

After the ride at Rosliston (see below), where 2 Trices took part, we were able to make an even more impressive showing at the Mac Ride (Macmillan Cancer Relief) at Stratford upon Avon on 10th September. Not only was I joined by Nick Cox, who had ridden with me at Rosliston on his older (Peter Ross era) Trice, but Trevor and Irene were also there on their new Trice QNTs. Trevor and Irene arrived in a large Volvo estate, which holds both Trices without any folding, so I was the only one who folded! We did the 50 mile version of the ride (there was also a 25 mile version), and cruised round very comfortably, even though it was the longest ride that Trevor and Irene had done on the Trices so far. The weather was magnificent, the route and organisation excellent, and the route was well chosen and well signposted.The Trices created a lot of interest - not just by being unusual, but by the spectacle they created as we rode round as a group. Many thanks to the organisers for the work they did to create the event - the turn out seemed very good, and I hope that they were successful in raising lots of money for a worthwhile cause.

En route
Mac Ride