Tuesday, November 21, 2006

"The Petrolheads Christmas Gift Guide"

"I want to ride my bicycle"
Yes, those really are the headlines of an article in The Daily Telegraph, Saturday 18th November 2006, on folding bicycles! After that, things can only get better, and they do. The article - two half-pages of broadsheet newspaper - covers the Apollo Transition (a very cheap folder), Brompton P6R, PowaCycle (electric folder), Bridgestone Moulton, Dahon Speed Pro TT, Strida 3, Mezzo D9 and an electrically powered Brompton. Each machine is rated 1-10 on performance, value, ride, portability, ease of use and quality, and the price (UK); weight, folded and unfolded size, wheel size and folding time are also given, plus a single sentence of comment from up to 3 reviewers. Not bad as such reviews go, but still rather superficial.