Friday, December 22, 2006

ICE Trice Q and T upgrade

Inspired Cycle Engineering are now offering hydraulic disk brakes on the 2007 Trice Q and T models. More information on the updated web site

2007 ICE Product Update

  • Hydraulic Disc brake option on Trice Q & T.
  • Optional hard shell seat with airflow cushion on Trice Q & T.
  • Trice S discontinued, QNT now fills the role of the Trice S as it now has hard shell seat option and similar range of adjustment to the S.
  • Seat positioning accessories to increase range of adjustment or improve traction for off road riding in certain cases.
  • Re designed rear frame with more adjustment options on rear suspension elastomer positions. Main rear frame tube also longer to allow QNT or T to take the hard shell seat at full reclined angles.
  • New brake levers with reach and pull rate adjust for drum brakes.
  • Parking brake now velcro strap on brake levers.