Friday, January 05, 2007

Choosing a folder - updated at last!

The section of the web site which deals with choosing a folder is really in two parts - firstly some general comments on the factors involved and the importance of understanding your priorities, and secondly some general comments on what is available. While the first part does not date, anyone who has looked at the section on what is available will know that it had become horribly out of date. In fact I re-wrote it about 2 years ago, but somehow the update never got loaded onto the web site at the time, and at some point the updated version got deleted. I really hate doing a job twice, so I've not been able to bring myself to repeat the update before now. At last though there is a revised version available, which more accurately records what's available now.
A few other minor updates have been made elsewhere on the web site, as regular readers may have noticed.
Best wishes for your cycling in 2007.