Wednesday, April 04, 2007

A Message From Jon Snow "Cycling and rail travel are perfect partners"

The following text is from an email I received from the CTC

"Cycling and rail travel are perfect partners. The combination provides a 'doorstep-to-destination' option for longer-distance journeys which might otherwise be possible only by car. It is also a really simple way to set about tackling a whole range of problems all in one go: obesity, air pollution, congestion and climate change to name but a few!

The Government is currently working on a White Paper which will determine rail policy and spending plans for the next 30 years. It's due out in July, so the time to influence it is right now.

You can automatically email your MP urging them to support cycle-rail integration using a website set up by CTC - the UK's national cyclists' organisation. Personal anecdotes about the problems (or examples of good practice) you have encountered will help them to impress on Ministers that this is an issue which really needs addressing.

So I'd urge you to visit and follow the instructions from there. And do pass this message onto other cyclist friends. Remember this is a "once in 30 years" opportunity to influence Government policy on this vital issue. Please get emailing - every message counts!

Yours in cycling

Jon Snow
CTC, the national cyclists' organisation"