Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Folders in Design Week and the June Origami Ride

The June 7 Issue of Design Week contained an article by David Henshaw on folder design. Amongst the machines mentioned were the Strida and Swivel-Head, both designed by Mark Sanders, and on the basis of this Mark has been able to put a copy of the article, in pdf format, on his MAS Design web site. You can download it from HERE for the next couple of weeks.
The June Origami Ride in Milton Keynes on 9th produced a particularly varied collection of folders.

There were of course a good number of Bromptons, but Dahons were unusually well represented, including Chris Eley's new Curve SL, already much modified, and Mike Roberts' Groove - disc brakes, but it does not fold!

Both these Dahons are equipped with Schwalbe Big Apple tyres (though different sizes of course), and both owners seem impressed with the ride and rolling reistance of these fat, low-pressure tyres. I'm tempted to try some on my Trice.
Amongst the less common makes which were present were a Strida, which coped very well with quite a long ride, with some rather difficult surfaces in places, and an AIrframe with the 8-speed Sturmey-Archer hub.