Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Smithfield Nocturne Folder Race Pictures

Here are quite a few photos of the folding bike race recently held in London. It looks like good fun but rather wet. There is also some video here.

EDIT: PezCycling has a report also.

Steve adds: The only results I have found are -
1. Richard Bailey, Xootr Swift
2. Angus MacAlister, Giant Halfway
3. Phil Jones, Brompton
4. Alex Murray, Dahon
5. James Davis, Brompton
6. Richard Pearce, Brompton
All I can say about this is weird! With due respect to all who took part, and the machines they rode, I'm not sure that this is representative of anything in real life - I can't even say that it was a function of the race format (no idea what it was, but still rather strange in my opinion). Of course the first Folder Forum race was won by a Strida ridden by Mark Sanders (the designer), and again, with the greatest respect to Mark and the Strida (I own one), I'm not sure that it really proved anything, though it too great fun!