Monday, July 09, 2007

Dahon Curve SL test report coming soon

We have managed to get hold of a Dahon Curve SL for testing, and so far we've clocked up just over 80Km (50 miles), including a couple of short rides into town, a train-assisted commute and a leisure ride of about 44 Km (train assisted) which was mostly on a towpath. We hope to have the full report available in about 10 days time, and the bike will also be available for others to try at the Orgami Ride at Malvern on Saturday 14th July.
We've also managed to fit the luggage mounting adapter, as you can see in the photograph. This is the KLICKfix 0211R unit, onto which you then need to attach the normal KLICKfix handlebar mount, and then you can fit a bar bag designed for use with this system - we used an elderly Carradice Super C bar bag. The special frame adapter is not easy to find, but you can order on line using THIS LINK. You will also need two M6 bolts to attach it to the lug on the frame. We found it best to feed the two rear cables through the two parts of the mountings, with the front brake cable passing outside the mount. The Carradice bag fits fine - you might find that a very deep bag would casue problems with wheel clearance though.