Friday, July 20, 2007

Lovely weather for ducks, but not cyclists

Emerging from a meeting at the Black Country Living Museum this morning, I was taken aback to find the lobby full of folding bikes - Bromptons, Birdys, an Airnimal Joey etc. It turned out that they were the CTC annual folder ride, lead by Colin Langdon. As I had a load of computer and photographic equipment with me I was in the car (though I often go there by folder) - I felt very sorry for them, as it was pouring with rain at the time (as it has been for so much of the last couple of months). If any of the riders read this, I hope that the weather was kinder to you on other days, and that you enjoyed the BCLM (it is one of their Steam Weekends tomorrow and Sunday, so I hope we have better weather for that as well).