Friday, August 10, 2007

'Cycle' reports on 'portable tourers'

The August issue of the CTC magazine Cycle contains a report on 'four portable tourers' - they avoid the term 'folding' advisedly, as two of the machines are separables (Moulton Esprit and Thorn Nomad with S&S couplings), and the Airnimal needs the front wheel removed for even the first fold, which only leaves the Birdy as a true folder!We've reported on the Birdy and Airnimal several times in the past, and also reported on various Moultons, if not the Esprit, but the Thorn with S&S Couplings (and a Rohloff hub gear) was an interesting change. The choice of bikes is in some ways surprising, as the Airnimal tested was not a touring spec machine, A TSR Moulton would have seemed a more appropriate (and much cheaper) choice for a touring Moulton, and a prime contender in this sector, the Bike Friday, was not included.