Saturday, September 29, 2007

Adam Hart-Davis theft

Velo Vision notes here that Adam Hart-David has had several bikes and trikes stolen from his garage, including a Birdy (red, rather than his trademark pink and yellow).

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Random Newsclippings

The Times Online's Janice Turner enthuses about her silver Dahon and riding in London traffic.

The Sunday Herald briefly mentioned the delights of riding a Downtube folder in Glasgow.

The Boston Globe has an article on framebuilder Christopher Ingleheart, listing a folding tandem bicycle amongst his creations.

The New York Times notes "Bicycle Diaries", David Byrne's book of pedaling his folding bike "around many of the world's principle cities" over the last 20 years.

The Sightline Institute's Alan Durning has an account of flying with a Bike Friday Tikit on business trips.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

2nd Annual Folder Frolic at Interbike Las Vegas

"Meets Thursday, 27 Sept., 7a.m. in front of the Venetian, at the Canal on Las Vegas Boulevard.
Featuring: a complimentary whiskey toast, a service road, a sprint, a parking garage, coffee, and an optional monorail return leg!
Folder Bikes Only - bring your Birdy, your Brommie, your Dahon, Your Friday, your Moulton, Strida, or what have you - as long as it folds.
Hosted by Michael McGettigan of Trophy Bikes, Philadelphia folder specialists.
RSVP + questions to"

Brompton Ride to Cycle Show 2007

"Brompton Bicycle will sponsor the two Bike Parks at this year's Cycle Show at Earls Court 1, from 11 to 14 October, with the 11th being a trade-only day."

Thanks to Eric Reed for pointing out this update on the Brompton web site. Finances mean that I won't get to the show this year, so if anyone can provide a report in due course we would be grateful.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

More Dahon Mu XXV Info - and more

Follow the link to for more information on the 2008 Mu XXV edition, and the other new Dahons.

PS: As this link provides more information on the other new Dahons, I don;t think I need to add the information on the new models I promised earlier - 'Steve'.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dahon 25th Anniversary edition

The Press Release states:
"In 1983, Dahon introduced the very first Dahon folder. Twenty-five years and over 3 million bicycles later, Dahon celebrates a quarter century of championing the cause of green mobility. In commemoration, Dahon has created the Mu XXV, a Limited Edition model that represents the state of the art in folding bicycle technology."
There aren't many details of the specification in the Press Release, but the weight is quoted as a mere 7.55Kg (16.61 lbs), it uses a " Puro M7 magnesium frame" and just 250 of these special edition bikes will be produced, individually numbered. Though details of the spec aren't given in the Press Release, it does state that these will include special edition components from a number of famous names.
I've also received the Press releases on a number of other new/updated Dahon models for 2008 - again there are very few details of the specifications, so as I'm very busy at present, I hope readers will excuse me for not posting more details at this time.
Please note that Dahon has in the past not conformed to the model year dates of many manufacturers in the bike industry, and although these are "2008" models, that does NOT mean they will be available in 2007, indeed here in the UK they may well not be available until at least April 2008!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dahon Curve updates for 2008

Dahon have announced some updates to their model range for 2008. One which I have some information on is associated with the Curve. If you read my report on the Curve SL, you will know that I commented on some flex in the handlebar stem on the 2007 model. The design of the stem has been modified for the 2008 models to make it stiffer, and to incorporate some other improvements. I've had a hand-made pre-production stem for the last week, and I can confirm that it is much stiffer than the one fitted to 2007 models - in fact in the hands of a weak rider like myself there is no discernable flex at all. It is still adjustable for height - the changes appear to be a reduced taper to the telescopic section, so that both the diameter of the lower and upper part is greater. The locking mechanism has also been changed - it is neater in apperance, and the secondary lock is now spring-loaded, so that it clips into position automatically whenever you clamp the stem in place, rather than requiring a second operation (which might be forgotten). The handlebar clamp is now serrated to give a firmer grip on the bars - though it still needs to be quite tight to avoid any rocking.

Many 2007 Dahons also incorporate a front luggage bracket. In my test of the Curve I commented that R&K will be introducing a new mounting block to fit this, which will be angled upwards. Many thanks to member Gwynne Harper who tells me that as the result of some resaerch on the web he has found out that the new part will be available from October 2007, and is numbered 0211ST, priced at 24.5 Euros.

Folding Bike Update From Larry

Thank you to Larry for his email giving us an update with his folding bike observations.

quoting his email below

Here's an update on the folding bikes that I mentioned to you back in April.

Gekko - Popular but???
The Gekko has been very popular but the Australian designer has given up
at his attempts to have the bike mass produced. I don't know the full
story but it seems that he is fed up with production issues. In fact, I
understand that he recently destroyed one set of tooling and gave the
tooling for the alloy Gekko away so the future of these great folding
bikes is not looking good. Too bad he didn't give the tooling for the
alloy Gekko to me!

Suitcase Bike
I've been corresponding with two Chinese firms that are bringing to
production 2 very compact folding bikes. When folded, one looks like a
vacuum cleaner; the other looks like a suitcase. Both have handlebar
assemblies that are reminiscent of the A-Bike. Yesterday, I was promised
a prototype of the bike that looks like a suitcase. I am told that it
will be shipped in about a week. More details when it arrives.

Ultralite Single Speed
The single speed Ultralites are now in the USA. Initially, it was hoped
that the price would be just $99. Even for a Chinese folder, that's
really cheap so I had my doubts. In fact, the price is almost double
that at $169 but even at that price, this is a great folding bike.
Diecast of a magnesium-aluminum alloy, the bikes are light yet strong.
Rated capacity is 200 lbs but I have several customers that weigh 300
lbs that ride them (with beefier wheels though). The bikes are outfitted
with folding pedals, folding & height adjustable handlebar post, carry
rack, soft rubber handlebar grips, padded seat, kickstand, height
adjustable seat post and rust free, plastic fenders. Color: cherry red.
Weight: 22 lbs.

Ultralite Shimano Nexus 3 Speed
The Ultralite also comes in a version that's equipped with a Shimano
Nexus 3 speed internal hub. In top gear, the Nexus version cruises at @
12 mph. Cost is just $209 which makes it the most economical, quality
folding bike I know with the Nexus hub. Like the other Ultralites, the
same diecast, magnesium-aluminum alloy frame is used. This version is
equipped just like the single speed (folding pedals, folding & height
adjustable handlebar post, carry rack, soft rubber handlebar grips,
padded seat, kickstand, height adjustable seat post and rust free,
plastic fenders). Color: mango. Weight: 23 lbs.

Larry Lagarde