Thursday, September 06, 2007

Dahon 25th Anniversary edition

The Press Release states:
"In 1983, Dahon introduced the very first Dahon folder. Twenty-five years and over 3 million bicycles later, Dahon celebrates a quarter century of championing the cause of green mobility. In commemoration, Dahon has created the Mu XXV, a Limited Edition model that represents the state of the art in folding bicycle technology."
There aren't many details of the specification in the Press Release, but the weight is quoted as a mere 7.55Kg (16.61 lbs), it uses a " Puro M7 magnesium frame" and just 250 of these special edition bikes will be produced, individually numbered. Though details of the spec aren't given in the Press Release, it does state that these will include special edition components from a number of famous names.
I've also received the Press releases on a number of other new/updated Dahon models for 2008 - again there are very few details of the specifications, so as I'm very busy at present, I hope readers will excuse me for not posting more details at this time.
Please note that Dahon has in the past not conformed to the model year dates of many manufacturers in the bike industry, and although these are "2008" models, that does NOT mean they will be available in 2007, indeed here in the UK they may well not be available until at least April 2008!