Saturday, September 01, 2007

Dahon Curve updates for 2008

Dahon have announced some updates to their model range for 2008. One which I have some information on is associated with the Curve. If you read my report on the Curve SL, you will know that I commented on some flex in the handlebar stem on the 2007 model. The design of the stem has been modified for the 2008 models to make it stiffer, and to incorporate some other improvements. I've had a hand-made pre-production stem for the last week, and I can confirm that it is much stiffer than the one fitted to 2007 models - in fact in the hands of a weak rider like myself there is no discernable flex at all. It is still adjustable for height - the changes appear to be a reduced taper to the telescopic section, so that both the diameter of the lower and upper part is greater. The locking mechanism has also been changed - it is neater in apperance, and the secondary lock is now spring-loaded, so that it clips into position automatically whenever you clamp the stem in place, rather than requiring a second operation (which might be forgotten). The handlebar clamp is now serrated to give a firmer grip on the bars - though it still needs to be quite tight to avoid any rocking.

Many 2007 Dahons also incorporate a front luggage bracket. In my test of the Curve I commented that R&K will be introducing a new mounting block to fit this, which will be angled upwards. Many thanks to member Gwynne Harper who tells me that as the result of some resaerch on the web he has found out that the new part will be available from October 2007, and is numbered 0211ST, priced at 24.5 Euros.