Sunday, December 09, 2007

Christmas Origami Ride

Heavy rain and a bad weather forecast discouraged some people from attending the December ride, but we still managed 11 riders. As is usual for our December rides, the theme was unusual cycles. Those taken out on the ride included a conventional upright tricycle, a Strida and a BikeE. After a short, very damp ride, we lunched and socialised at the Bull's Head at Meriden before adjourning to the car park to give people a chance to try the more unusual machines, plus some additional ones brought by Paul Evans and Phil Wray. Almost everyone was surprised by how difficult it was to ride the trike - in fact I think most of us almost completely failed, as it feels completely unnatural for a bike rider (though recumbent trikes are quite easy to ride). The BikeE proved great fun, and, as the photo shows, we enjoyed zooming round the car park on it - many thanks to Paul for bringing it, and to Karl Wooldridge for this photo.
All in all a most enjoyable day, and thanks to Paul for arranging everything (except the weather!) so well.