Saturday, January 05, 2008


Those of you who were fortunate enough to attend Cyclefeast at Berwick on Tweed in 2005 or 2006 will know what a superb event it is - visit for more information if you weren't there.
After missing a year in 2007. the GOOD NEWS is that Cyclefeast is back for 2008!
Unfortunately (I think) there is BAD NEWS as well, at least for the majority of people visiting this site. Cyclefeast 2008 is for RECUMBENT TRICYCLES. Of course, recumbent tricycles can also be folders, and indeed over the last 3 years there has been a significant move by the manufacturers to make their tricumbents fold/separate. Nevertheless, that really makes them easier to transport by car - I can't imagine trying to do a train assisted commute by recumbent trike! (A tour is allegedly tolerable, though a fair amount of work required to get the trike into a small enough package to carry on a train). I think I should quote the organisers on the exact position:
"A few 2 wheeling recumbents are sneaking in to the event, but we want to get together as many recumbent trikes as possible. Just think of it as the, for example, "diversity of owners/users/personalities that participate in the annual London to Brighton mini car run". That's plenty of diverse folk all coming together for a memorable/magic experience and there is nothing to stop any other type of car joining in on the route, except that they'd feel a little 'odd' and most wish that they too were using the same vehicle.
We'll also have recumbent trikes to borrow too.
And finally if any cyclist riding whatever they want to, finds their own accommodation nearby and turns up each day to join in, THEY WILL BE WELCOMED."

I'm fortunate, I own a FOLDING recumbent trike. I hope to see those of you who own tricumbents at the event, whether they fold or not. If you are an enthusiast, but don't have a recumbent, I hope to see you on the rides.
BUT DON'T GIVE UP HOPE - if you don't own a tricumbent, note the point above about machines to borrow, OR WHY NOT USE THIS AS AN EXCUSE/REASON to buy one now! There are practical problems regarding trains and towpaths/some cyclepaths, but apart from these they are ***GREAT*** fun! Come on in, the water's fine - I regret not buying one until 2006, but this was on grounds of cost and complete non-portability, and prices have dropped dramatically since then, and many tricumbents are now more portable than conventional bicycles (I can easily fit my Trice QNT into a Smart, but a Thorn Audax is a very tight fit) and recumbent bikes!
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