Monday, February 18, 2008

"Smart Move" - a brief review of the book

Just before Christmas we reported on the Austrian Embacher Collection of bicycles. In that report we referred to the fact that a book of the collection is available, and subsequently we were sent a copy of the book (many thanks for that).
The book is in A4 landscape format, and is beatifully produced. The photographs are of a very high standard, all showing the individual machines against a paper white background, with no undesirable shadows, colour casts or reflections. For most of the machines there is a single side view, plus several more detailed shots. The machines covered are naturally limited to some of those in the Embacher Collection. As far as folders and small-wheelers are concerened, there are quite a number included, though not really a representative collection. There are two Moultons (an F-frame Speedsix and spaceframe Speed S), and a Bickerton and Mk I Strida, plus some more unusual folders such as the Skoot.
There is not much information provided about any of the machines - typically a single paragraph of descriptive text plus a date and weight; all the text is in both German and English.
I think folder enthusiasts will class this as a "coffee table book" - very attractive photographs, but not many facts, and covering only machines in the collection. It is nevertheless a superb production, and just looking at the pictures gives great pleasure. Please see the web site at for more information about the book.