Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dahon triumphs at Smithfield Nocuturne

The second annual Smithfield Nocturne folder race was held on 7th June this year, the main sponsor of the race being Halfords Cycle2Work. This year the race was won by Keith Henderson on a Dahon Mu SL, with another Dahon (a Mu P8) in fourth place. The prize for the winner was a Dahon Speed Pro TT. The first 6 places were:
1 Keith Henderson - Dahon
2 Nigel Foskett - Airnimal Chameleon
3 Richard Bailey - Xootr Swift
4 Andy Smallwood - Dahon
5 Antonius Wubben - Brompton
6 Wes Curtis - Moulton
A press release from Dahon reports that at the Philadelphia Folder Fest Dahon also won the 'Fastest Fold' and 'Bifoldathon'.