Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cyclefeast 2008

Cyclefeast at Berwick upon Tweed, which ran from 4-11 July, was a great success. It seems possible that this year's event may well have been the last one (at least at that location)? The focus this time was on recumbent tricycles, but there were a handful of other machines there, including Bromptons, and a number of the tricycles were folding/separable models. The weather was not as kind this year as previously, but considering the dreadful summer, we really did not do too badly - I got soaked on the Saturday afternoon, but otherwise the heavy rain tended to fall overnight, and although it looked unsettled first thing in the morning, there was almost no rain during the days. Trices were the most numerous make, with QNTs the most common individual model. Greenspeed were also well represented, but there were one or two example of other makes as well. Apart from a choice of day rides, there were a number of other entertaining activities, including:
1. A competiton to find the machine with the smallest turning circle (I missed seeing this, but I do know that a QNT had the worst turning circle, which does not surprise me!)
2. A grand weighing, presided over by Paul Stobbs. Some owners were keen to win the 'prize' for the heaviest trike, rather than the lightest. Lightest of all was a Greenspeed, followed by a couple of Trice Micros, while the Scorpion and Rider were alarmingly heavy, though not the heaviest. When the non-trikes were included, the lightest machine of all was a Brompton. More details of the results can be found on the Cyclefeast web site.
3. A trip by Routemaster bus to Holy Island.
4. A very entertaining downhill backwards slalom - I have some video of this, but it needs some more editting, and may be too large to make available.
5. A challenging quiz organised by Jason Patient.
I have put a few images on line, which you can see HERE. The intention was to put something on my own web site, but the recent changes made by Apple to their MobileMe (ex .mac) facility seem to mean that it is impossible to publish web pages from iWeb (and I am not the only one to have found this). There are also some of Jason's images on the Cyclefeast web site.
Many thanks to all who took part and made this such an enjoyable event, but of course special thanks toorganisers Jason Patient and Philip Stanbury.