Sunday, August 31, 2008

Brompton Mod - combines a P-type stem with S-type handlebars

Thank you to Anatoly Ivanov for the following email

"Dear Folding Society,

First of all, I'd like to use the occasion to say a big thank you for the
tons of great material you provide on your website and blog. I regularly
find interesting stories about all things cycling-foldable. A great source!

If I may contribute in some way, I would like to suggest to take a look at
my article about my modified Brompton P3L.

It combines a P-type stem with S-type handlebars, MKS removable toe-straps
pedals, slicks and even a pedalling cadence sensor / computer to make a
compact but fast folder that emulates a road bike:

I haven't seen this done to a Brompton anywhere, so I thought it would be
interesting to share.

Thanks a lot,Best,