Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Origami Ride record?

Despite a very bad weather forecast, 17 riders turned up for the August Origami Ride at Oxford. Bromptons and Dahons were the most common bikes, but amongst the other machines were a Mezzo and a Birdy, and at least one Moulton. Even though the forecast was bad, we actually did not fare too badly, and though there was light to moderate rain somteimes, it did not detract from the ride. More of a problem were the many punctures (I think that 4 is a record for these rides, and a tyre blowing off the rim) and several cases of minor mechanical malfunctions. All credit is due to our lunch-stop pub which handled our late (and in some cases VERY late) arrival very smoothly.

Thanks are due to all those who braved the predicted weather conditions, and of course to ride organiser Chris Eley - not only did the leader suffer a punctures, but so did the sweeper (myself). Incidentally, the punctures occurred in very different locations and riding conditions, and I think that they were all on different models of tyre (though all Schwalbe I suspect, which is simply a reflection of the availability and popularity of their products for small-wheeled bikes).