Tuesday, September 22, 2009

T1 - Trice event at Blymhill Common

There was a Trice Rally at Blymhill Common, near Newport (Shropshire) over the weekend 18 - 20 September, and around half of the recumbent trikes there were the more recent folding versions. There were a couple of dozen Trice enthusiasts present, and we had excellent weather in a wonderful location (apart from the farm-related traffic in the lane next to the camp site!), and some great rides. Chris Parker of Inspired Cycle Engineering was there with some interesting equipment for us to look at and try riding.
I don't live all that far away from this area myself, but although I've been there often before I have always managed to get lost in the maze of quiet lanes, so I was quite reasurred when our ride leader got lost on the Friday afternoon! Saturday's ride took us to Cosford and the Aerospace Museum. I'd thought I would be riding home on Sunday, but thanks to the kind offer by David Little to drive me home after the event I was able to enjoy an excellent ride in bright sunshine that day to Norbury Junction.
This was a most enjoyable event, and thanks to all those involved in the organisation and planning - I do hope there will be an equivalent event in the future.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Best folding bikes ? - or at least what the Indie says

The Independent, a UK broadsheet newspaper, has rated the ten best folding bikes here. Maybe not all would agree - or is it just different selection criteria ?

At the risk of being accused of editorialising, perhaps for practicality in the UK the Brompton would be rated higher for its easy mixed travel mode capability - that is, easy stowage on buses and trains.