Thursday, January 07, 2010

Origami ride 9th January - Leamington Spa - inclement weather

We still plan to meet up at the Tea room in the Pump Rooms on Saturday as notified, but will review the conditions for the ride at that time. Currently, we expect to run the ride, but possibly shortened. The ride leader will recce the route on Saturday morning and report on road conditions. Suitable diversions around the canal towpaths of the original ride have been planned.

The current situation is that main roads are clear and cycleable but side roads and cyclepaths are snowy and slippery. This is not expected to change much over the next three days, except for a possible light snow shower on Friday. Saturday is expected to be sunny but cold. The
relevant BBC weather forecast is here.

If it is broadly safe to have a ride we will do so, although each rider should assume responsibility for their own judgement of the conditions vs their abilities.

If we do not have a ride then we will sit around and chat :-)