Wednesday, July 27, 2011

August 13th Origami Ride - Didcot

Our Saturday August 13th Origami ride will start from Didcot in Oxfordshire. Note that we'll be starting from Boswell's cafe in the town, not the station itself. More details are here.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Small wheels, big distances

At least 3 Origamiists completed the 120-mile Dunwich Dynamo night ride from London to the Suffolk coast on a Brompton P6R, a Moulton TSR8 and a Pacific IF Reach over the night of the 16/17 July. I understand that some Origami ride regulars have done much greater distances - Dave "PBP" Minter is a case in point - but 120 miles in one day (OK technically 2 days as it was overnight) is more than I've ever done on any bike before. The small-wheelers held up well over the distance - more than can be said for my knees! A number of other folders and small wheelers were seen on the ride including a Dahon Vitesse, several other Bromptons and at least a couple of space frame Moultons. Other notable bikes included a Cargo bike, complete with 2 spaniels in the front box, and a Barklays 'Boris' bike.
London Fields