Thursday, July 21, 2011

Small wheels, big distances

At least 3 Origamiists completed the 120-mile Dunwich Dynamo night ride from London to the Suffolk coast on a Brompton P6R, a Moulton TSR8 and a Pacific IF Reach over the night of the 16/17 July. I understand that some Origami ride regulars have done much greater distances - Dave "PBP" Minter is a case in point - but 120 miles in one day (OK technically 2 days as it was overnight) is more than I've ever done on any bike before. The small-wheelers held up well over the distance - more than can be said for my knees! A number of other folders and small wheelers were seen on the ride including a Dahon Vitesse, several other Bromptons and at least a couple of space frame Moultons. Other notable bikes included a Cargo bike, complete with 2 spaniels in the front box, and a Barklays 'Boris' bike.
London Fields