Monday, March 06, 2006

Birdy Developments at R&M

Wheel Development at R&M
Thank you Christian Zickermann for the following development news.

Riese & Müller plans auxiliary wheel for Birdy
Some days ago I posted this picture (showing the very end of my Birdy´s rear carrier) to the German Birdy mailing list. I asked for the purpose of the small threaded hole. Result: some wild guesses but no reliable answer.

Today one guy from manufacturer Riese & Müller made an interesting post: R&M plans to offer an auxiliary wheel (sic! Not wheelS!) to be mounted at the expedition carrier. They already prepared the new carriers with a threaded hole for the additonal gear (the hole is only on the left side of the rack). The auxiliary wheel will be available somewhen in 2006, the exact date is not yet specified.

Original R&M post (in German)

Translation via Alta-Vista Bable Fish
Birdy friends, hello Christian, as some already assumed in these Mailgroup, it has a special Bewandtnis(drilled hole?) with the small thread indeed. We integrated this thread at the new porters(rack?) starting from 2006, because in the future the mounting of a small role(roller?) is intended there. This makes it possible to ago pull the Birdy in the folded condition in a certain angle behind itself. Functioned correctly well, but we would like to betray more details here yet. This role is offered for all expedition porters starting from 2006 optionally for re-tooling. Unfortunately we can still no date of delivery admit to give, since the project is not yet final with us in the house.
Yours sincerely from Darmstadt
Peter Horsch