Thursday, March 02, 2006

Chop's list of folders

Another email received today was from folder enthusiast Chop Rossiter. As we have mentioned before in these pages, Chop his compiling a very good reference source on folders on the web, and he is asking for help from some of our members:
"I've read mentions of people's older folders which don't appear in my A to Z yet; if anyone has old or classic folders, could they send me some pics, badges, stickers, fold-mech, gears, folded & unfolded, then I'll make up a PDF and add them to my list. I get quite a few requests for help finding what original parts were fitted to some of these older models."

You can contact Chop at 'chop AT' (we reproduce it this way to reduce the risks of spam - replace the AT and surrounding spaces by the usual @), and you can see his list in its current form at