Friday, March 03, 2006

CTC Review Changes to UK Highway Code

"3000 of you say ‘no’ to new Highway Code
Last week we brought you the worrying news that a seemingly innocuous addition to the new Highway Code, which tells cyclists to ‘use cycle facilities…where provided’, is likely to be used by insurance companies as an excuse to reduce the amount of compensation that they pay if a motorist hits a cyclist that has chosen to use a road rather than a nearby cycle facility. Since then, over 3000 of you have joined our campaign to have the wording amended. If you took part, then huge thanks. If you would like to join our online campaign, or encourage your fellow cyclists to add their support, then it’s not too late. Simply go to this webpage - it takes less than 60seconds to get involved. Finally, apologies to those of you in who have experienced difficulties signing up – we are working hard to remedy this problem. For more information, contact"

Source: CTC newsnet - 3.3.06