Thursday, October 05, 2006


I visited the Cycle Show at ExCeL in London today, 5th October, on the Trade/Press day. The show runs until 8th October, and apart from the first day it is open to the public. I'm conscious that some readers may be visiting in the next day or so, and in order to give you a preview before the event, I am rushing out my report in stages, beginning later this evening. At this stage the format will be horrible, there will be lots of typos, gaps, no pictures and quite possibly even errors! I will be working to improve the report in the next few days, but in the meantime I hope that most of you will prefer to get news in this form now, rather than wait several days for a polished final version. Please revisit the report to see how it is progressing. The report is (or will be Real Soon Now) at
22:40 - Sorry, it's been a long day, and although I've now transferred the pictures to the computer, I don't feel up to processing them now, so further updates will have to wait until tomorrow.