Thursday, November 30, 2006

Another Strida-A-Bike comparative test

The latest issue of the CTC magazine, "Cycle" has a four-page test comparing the Strida and A-Bike. There are no great surprises - the A-Bike is smaller when folded and lighter, but definitely more limited when it comes to riding. Comparing them on a short (1.58 mile) journey to a station, the ride took 9 min 52s on the A-Bike and 7 min 53s on the Strida, while walking took 27 min 10s and a Micro-scooter took 16 min 55s. Folding/unfolding times were 30/43s for the A-Bike, 23/26s for the Stirda, though this dropped to 5/12s if the handlebars and pedals weren't folded, and the scooter times were 6/4s.