Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Origami Ride

A Grand Day Out. Irene Batchelor in suitable seasonal attire on her Trice QNT, Trevor temporarily on a Dahon, while another rider enjoys the QNT, a new rider Nigel, on a rather unusual F-Frame Moulton (purchased recently on E-Bay), Hazel Hanson on a Brompton, and Phil Wray on a Micro.
The December Origami Ride is always designated as our 'Christmas Special', which usually means a shorter ride and a longer lunch stop, and this year was no exception. As in some previous years, we also gave it a theme of 'unusual folders'. Some 20 enthusiasts turned up for the event, though health problems meant that 3 of them did not actually do the ride, although they joined us again for lunch. We had a varied collection of cycles, though perhaps not as many 'unusual' machines as were expected. Trevor and Irene had their Trice QNTs, which proved very popular with other riders, and we hope we may have converted some more people to recumbent trikes! I decided my current Strida qualified as an unusual folder (I think only one other Strida has completed an Origami Ride in the history of the event), and anyway it was much easier to get it on the train than my QNT! Paul Evans brought along an early Strida and an RSW folder ('the only folder that is bigger when folded than when it is unfolded'), though these were strictly for trying during the lunch stop, and he rode one of his Bromptons. We had an excellent ride before lunch, and had a good lunch at The Bulls Head in Meriden; as the weather looked rather threatening, the original plan for an optional second loop after lunch was abandoned.
A good time was had by all, and many thanks to those who attended, and especially Paul who organised the ride.