Sunday, December 03, 2006

Notes from All Over

In Canada, the Edmonton Sun has an item on Xavier Rudd, an Aussie songwriter and performer who takes a folding bike with him on tour.

The Economic Times notes the growing resurgence in leisure cycling in India, quoting a cyclist who also commutes on a folding BSA bicycle (obligatory folder content).

A little closer to Britain is this Times Online article about a mobile tech-support company. The interesting part is that the "Geek Squad" look likely to get to their customers around London by using a combination of public transport and folding bike.

An intriguing option for cycle commuters forms part of a retrospective by the 'The Engineer' magazine. The author notes that folding bikes were often issued to Allied paratroopers during World War 2. Unfortunately, there appears to be little evidence that paratroopers actually used them, other than on their bases.